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Window Repairs for Winnipeg Drivers

Does your vehicle need window repair? Winnipeg drivers can turn to Hometown Auto Glass for an assessment of any damage your rear and side windows have taken. Our team of window experts will be able to determine whether or not a repair is the right option or if a complete replacement is better suited to addressing any chips or cracks. Unlike the front windshield, in most cases, if your side or rear windows are damaged they will need to be replaced. This ensures the integrity and safety of the vehicle. When it comes to replacement, we remove the damaged window completely and then install a new one. The sooner you get your window repaired or replaced the safer your vehicle will be. 

Side Window Replacement
When it comes to replacing any side windows, Hometown Auto Glass takes the following steps:

  1. Clean the vehicle of glass and debris – It’s important to remove as much shattered glass as possible before installing a new piece of glass for the window. We will even clean inside the interior door panel.
  2. A new window is fitted – We carefully measure the vehicle door and fit the new side window into place. We make sure that the window can be opened and closed properly.
  3. Finishing up – After the new window is installed, the vehicle is carefully cleaned inside again. This will help pick up any additional debris that fell during the installation. The interior door panels are then put back.

Rear Window Replacement

If you need your vehicle’s rear window replaced, here are the steps we take to return it to like-new condition:

  1. Protect the bodywork – Given the size of a vehicle’s rear window, it’s important to protect the bodywork surrounding it during repairs. We cover both the bodywork around the window and the interior areas.
  2. Damaged window removed – Next, we remove the shattered glass. We vacuum up as much as possible, even cleaning the vehicle’s interiors. Any seals or glue that held the rear window into place are cut and removed.
  3. Applying a primer and bonding glue – A primer is applied to the framework and left to dry. Once the primer is dry, bonding glue is added to the new rear window for a strong and proper fit.
  4. Fitting the window – The new rear window is fitted and any original fittings are replaced. An hour is needed for the glue to set. We recommend that you don’t drive the vehicle until then.

For comprehensive rear and side window repair and replacement, contact Hometown Auto Glass today.

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