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Emergency Windshield Repair in Winnipeg

If you have noticed minor scratches or cracks on your auto glass, we are here to help. At Hometown Auto Glass, we offer affordable and reliable emergency windshield repairs. Our team of auto glass technicians will replace your windshield/window glass the same day and ensure the glass looks original and perfect. Get in touch with us now to know more. We serve customers in and around Winnipeg.


Our Team Can Help You With:

  • Side window repair

  • Stone chip repair

  • Windscreen repairs

  • Vandalism to your side/rear windows

  • Car or truck break-in

  • Road debris damage to the windshield

Car Windscreen Replacements

Whether you are looking for windscreen repair, a windscreen replacement, or car glass repair, our Hometown Auto Glass team has got you covered. Hometown Auto Glass offers comprehensive glass repair and replacement services. We have a large stock of windshields, windscreens, and car glass suitable for all makes and models of vehicles. In case we do not have your windscreen in stock, our team will source it for you and fix your glass immediately.

We are a trusted automotive glass replacement company catering to all your windshield needs. We pride ourselves on our commitment to offering high-quality services at all times. Reach out to us now to know more.

Windscreen Stone Chip Repair

Even a minor chip on the surface of the windscreen can be quite inconvenient. It obscures the view ahead and may pose a safety risk. If left unattended, this windscreen chip may enlarge due to weather changes and may put you and your dear ones in danger. We offer quality windscreen chip repair solutions. Our team of qualified professionals uses quality tools and other bonding materials and sealants to fix your chipped glass. With the proper care, our windscreen chip repair will last a lifetime.

Rear Car Window Replacement

If falling branches, snow, or a collision of vehicles has damaged your rear window, you can rely on us. We offer prompt and quick rear window replacement services, tailgate glass replacement, glass repair, car window replacement, and much more. When you choose us, you can be sure that we use glass sourced from original manufacturers or other renowned suppliers. We ensure that the glass we fit will look great.

Contact Us

If you have met with an accident and require immediate windscreen repairs, you can depend on Hometown Auto Glass. We can replace exterior body glass, doors, vents & front and rear quarter glass the same day. As specialists in car glass repair, we cater to all kinds of domestic and commercial vehicles. Reach out to us now.

Emergency Windshield Repairs in Winnipeg

We offer prompt and hassle-free emergency windshield repairs.

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