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Auto Glass: Special Features and Interesting Facts

The types of glass used for the windshield and windows of your car are far from ordinary. Generally, vehicles have two different types of auto glass, laminated glass and tempered glass. Both these glass types have unique qualities that distinguish them from, say, the glass used for the windows of your house.

Special Features of Laminated Glass 

Laminated glass, often called shatterproof glass, is used for windshields. It’s created by fusing polyvinyl between two sheets of glass. It’s unique in that it’s shatterproof, flexible and can be repaired.

How Laminated Glass Was Invented
There’s an interesting story behind the creation of laminated glass. It was invented more or less by accident, by the chemist Eduoard Benedictus in 1903. One day Benedictus dropped a glass flask and was surprised to observe that when it hit the ground it cracked but held its form. He was informed by his assistant that the flask had contained a type of liquid plastic, which had evaporated and left a thin film. This was his eureka moment. Shortly after Benedictus created—now on purpose—shatterproof glass.

Special Features of Tempered Glass
Tempered glass is used for the windows on the sides and rear of the vehicle. It’s created through a cycle of rapid heating and cooling. Its distinguishing feature is that it breaks into tiny fragments of glass when compromised. This greatly reduces the risk of injuries in the case of a breakage. The small bits of glass can still cut, but they’re far less dangerous than larger shards of glass. Tempered glass is an important safety feature too, for, unlike laminated glass, it can be cleanly and efficiency broken by rescue personnel in the case of emergency. Tempered glass can’t, however, be repaired: it must be replaced.

Reliable Auto Glass Repair in Winnipeg

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