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Caring for Your Windshield in Harsh Winter Conditions

Needing a windshield replacement in the middle of winter is more than a little inconvenient — especially in Winnipeg! The harsh, cold mornings can be frustrating, but rushing through the process of clearing ice off of your windshield might end up costing you. Following these tips will ensure you don’t damage your windshield.

Use the Right Tools The best way to de-ice your windshield is to use an ice-scraper. Make sure you get a good quality plastic scraper. Metal scrapers can damage your windshield, and as you’ll see below, even minor damage can become serious. In the same vein, don’t scrape too hard and never give in to the temptation to use your keys, a putty knife or worse, a shovel. Another good option is to use de-icing sprays to speed up the process. Avoid Shortcuts You may have thought about pouring hot water on a frozen windshield. While it may seem like a quick, no-nonsense solution, it’s actually dangerous. If the sudden temperature change doesn’t cause your windshield to shatter outright, the thermal shock may cause small cracks to appear in the glass. The damage may not be obvious, but the water you just poured on the glass will seep into the cracks and freeze within a few minutes. This is a recipe for disaster: a small crack can become a big problem. Take Care of Chips and Cracks Without Delay You may have been putting off getting that little chip looked at, but what looks like a minor blemish can become a serious concern. The problem with chips and small cracks is that when your windshield gets wet from rain, morning dew or snow melting off the warm glass, the water seeps into the cracks. When the temperature falls to below freezing, the water becomes ice. Ice takes up more space than liquid water, so the cracks are forced to expand. Auto Glass Experts in Winnipeg Taking good care of your windshield during the winter can save you money and a lot of trouble down the line. A compromised windshield isn’t just a big expense waiting to happen; it’s also a safety concern. If you’re in need of a windshield or chip repair in Winnipeg, give us a call at Hometown Glass. We offer a range of services tailored to the needs of Winnipeg drivers.


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