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Common Questions About Windshield Replacement

Having to deal with a damaged windshield is rarely something you expect when getting up in the morning. It can just be the luck of the draw when that stray rock comes hurtling in out of nowhere, leaving you with questions about what to do next and how to find quick and affordable Winnipeg windshield repair.

Below are the answers to some common questions that people have when they come in for a windshield replacement at Hometown Auto Glass, an auto glass repair shop in Winnipeg. Does My Windshield Need Repair or Replacement? On top of windshield replacement, Hometown Auto Glass also offers Winnipeg windshield chip repair. All chips and cracks can get progressively worse if left unfixed. But how do you know which service you need? Small dings and cracks can be fixed up in as little as 30 minutes with our glass repair treatments. If, however, a chip is larger than 1 inch in diameter and a crack is longer than the length of a credit card (about 3 inches), then the windshield will need to be replaced. How Long Does a Windshield Replacement Take? At Hometown Auto Glass, we know that sustaining a damaged windshield can throw a wrench into your day, which is why we offer same day service and take same-day appointments. Our skilled and experienced Winnipeg glass repair technicians can replace your windshield in as little as an hour. We do, however, recommend waiting about two to three hours before driving away, as this will give the adhesive holding your new windshield in place time to properly dry. Can I Wash My Car Right Away After a Windshield Replacement? While you don't have to worry about rain damaging your new replacement windshield, you should avoid going to a high-pressure car wash for at least a few days. If your adhesive is not completely done curing yet, then the high pressure water can easily damage the weather stripping and affect the quality of your windshield's seal. Feel free to hand wash your vehicle; just don't use a high pressured hose. Does My Insurance Cover Windshield Replacement? Many insurance policies do cover broken windshields, but you should check the specifics of your policy first. There are times when paying out-of-pocket may be a better idea even if your policy does cover a windshield replacement. For example, if your deductible is higher than the cost of the replacement, then there isn't much reason to make a claim. Quick, Affordable Winnipeg Windshield Repair and Replacement At Hometown Auto Glass in Winnipeg, we make dealing with chipped or cracked windshields as hassle-free as possible. Not only are our Winnipeg chip repair and windshield replacement services affordable and done the same day, but we offer lifetime warranties on our work. You'll be back on the road and back to your day in no time. Driving around with a chipped or cracked windshield can be dangerous. Contact Hometown Auto Glass today for a same-day appointment with our trusted Winnipeg auto glass repair technicians.


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