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Driving Safe in the Dark with a Broken Windshield

It’s no secret that driving in the dark is dangerous. Cracked or broken windshields make it worse as the driver’s field of vision is obstructed. A small chip is enough to compromise the integrity of your auto glass, making your vehicle vulnerable to accidents.

Hometown Auto Glass has been providing quality windshield repair and replacement services for the past 60 years. We are committed to providing complete customer satisfaction to all our clients. As a locally owned business, we provide for all auto glass repair needs in Winnipeg. In this blog, our experts mention why it’s dangerous to drive in the dark with a broken windshield. What Is a Windshield? The glass at the front of a vehicle, through which the driver can see the road, is called the windshield. They were primarily designed to safeguard the driver and passengers from the elements or flying debris created by travelling. Today, UV coating is applied to windshields for screening out harmful UV rays. Windshields need to be of the highest quality to maintain durability when on the road. Each automaker has a specific way to make them for their vehicles, but the general process remains the same. Check it out below:

  • A sheet of polyvinyl butryal (PVB) will be kept in between two layers of glass.

  • Heat and pressure are applied, which mechanically and chemically bonds the outer glass sheets to the inner plastic layer.

  • The incomplete windshield will be cut and bent to fit into the frame of the truck or car.

  • Molecular bonding with a sealant to the frame will be performed (this makes it air and watertight).

Why Shouldn’t You Drive in the Dark with a Broken Windshield? It is not all safe to drive in the dark with broken auto glass, least of all a damaged windshield. The main reasons behind this are:

  • Less protection

  • Even a small crack on the windshield can indicate that its structural integrity has been compromised. You will not be adequately able to see through damaged glass. Rocks and other debris that may strike the windshield while driving can make matters worse. Hitting potholes that are difficult to notice or other sudden movements can compromise your damaged windshield.

  • Reduced visibility

  • Light is useful when it travels along a path without disturbance. It becomes stray light when its path gets disturbed and the beam changes in some way. This can happen with damaged windscreens while driving at night. Sudden light sources (such as headlights from incoming traffic) can hit the windscreen and deflect into the driver’s eye, causing visual disturbance.

Let Hometown Auto Glass Help Our technicians are experts in windshield repair in Winnipeg. We can take care of all your auto glass needs and also replace the glass in your storm windows. We can also custom cut any glass to suit your specific needs. Our technicians are I-Car® certified and experienced in this industry. Read our blog types of auto glass for more information. Call us to learn more.

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