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How to Claim Your Auto Glass after a Car Crash

After a car crash, there's a good chance that you'll be looking for an auto glass repair shop in Winnipeg. The auto glass experts at Hometown Auto Glass believe it is important for all drivers to be aware of how they can quickly and efficiently make an auto glass claim. While dealing with the different aspects of a car crash can be stressful, this is the one part which you won't have to spend much time worrying about. Claiming Your Auto Glass in Winnipeg Residents of Winnipeg now have the option to claim auto glass after an accident by using a web-based application known as eGlassClaim. Best of all, if you visit a participating Winnipeg window repair shop to get your glass fixed, the repair shop can actually do all of the work involved in filing your claim on your behalf. eGlassClaim is a fast and convenient application that lets you skip the step of getting in touch with the Manitoba Public Insurance Contact Centre. It allows you to instead go directly to a Winnipeg windshield repair professional for all of the advice and services you need. Upon visiting or calling your chosen repair shop, you'll be able to schedule your repair work and confirm your coverage all in one go. In order to make the process of claiming your auto glass after a crash go as smoothly as possible, you'll want to make sure that you have some important information on hand before contacting a repair shop. You will need to provide:

  • Vehicle registration

  • Vehicle license plate

  • Autopac policy number

  • The date and approximate time that the auto glass damage occurred

  • The details and customer number of any other insurance on the vehicle, if applicable

  • The vehicle owner's driver's license document number

If the owner of the vehicle does not have a driver's license or if the vehicle belongs to a company, then you can use the vehicle registration customer number instead of a driver's license document number. You shouldn't delay getting your auto glass fixed after an accident. A chipped or broken windshield is not only unsightly but can pose a safety hazard to everyone in the vehicle. Even tiny cracks can grow as you drive over potholes or as the temperature changes. You should get started with windshield repair and with an eGlassClaim as soon as possible. At Hometown Auto Glass, we understand how hectic the aftermath of a car crash can be. You can trust us to provide professional windshield replacement and windshield chip repair services in Winnipeg. Simply report your claim to us, and we'll take care of the rest. Hometown Auto Glass has been offering trusted auto glass repair in Winnipeg for over 60 years. You can trust in our experience to give you peace of mind after a car accident. Get started by contacting Hometown Auto Glass today.


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