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How Windshield Chips are Assessed and Repaired

Windshield chips have a way of really putting a dent in your day. One moment you're cruising along, and the next moment a big rock comes out of nowhere and leaves a chip in your windshield that threatens to grow into a crack. Thankfully, windshield chip repair from a Winnipeg auto glass repair shop such as Hometown Auto Glass can have that chip fixed right up. If you've never gone in for chip repair in Winnipeg before, then here's a quick guide to what you can expect.

How Windshield Chips Are Assessed Before any repairs can start, a technician will need to assess the chip to make sure that repairs are possible. Most small chips should not be a problem to fix. Windshields are made up of at least two layers of glass, making them quite resistant to serious impact damage. If the chip is confined to the first layer of glass, and if it is still small in size, then it can likely be repaired. If, however, the chip goes deeper than the first layer, or if it is larger than about one inch in diameter, then you may require a windshield replacement instead. This may also be the case if the chip has a chance of impeding your vision while you drive. How Windshield Chips Are Repaired If your chip can be fixed, then your auto glass repair professional will begin repairs. The first step is to clean the chip of any debris, which could possibly cause it to widen after it has been sealed up. The chip is then thoroughly dried and filled, via a specialized syringe, with an automotive resin, which will restore the structural integrity of the glass. The resin is then cured, hardened, and polished. Don't worry - though there are a few steps involved, the windshield chip repair process typically only takes about 30 minutes. Just relax in the waiting room for a while, and your windshield chip will be repaired in no time. What Results You Can Expect The techniques used for windshield chip repair are highly effective and will restore the functionality of your windshield. While the chip won't get any bigger, the repair process does leave a small divot on your windshield. The only way to get a completely smooth windshield again would be to get a new one. This slight blemish, however, won't impede your driving. After a while, you'll likely forget that it's even there. Quick, Effective Windshield Chip Repair in Winnipeg While a windshield chip is usually a simple fix, it can quickly grow into a large crack that necessitates an entire windshield replacement. Getting your car to a Winnipeg auto glass repair shop as soon as possible after a chip occurs is imperative, as cracks can literally develop overnight. The experts at Hometown Auto Glass will make sure that the chip is properly repaired so that you don't have to worry about it anymore. If you need windshield chip repair in Winnipeg, just contact Hometown Auto Glass today.


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