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Tips to Prevent an Automotive Break-In

Losing valuables and dealing with damage after an automotive break-in can be a stressful experience. At Hometown Auto Glass, we provide auto glass and window repair in Winnipeg for people who have been victims of break-ins. Here are the top tips from our auto glass repair experts for preventing break-ins and keeping your car and belongings safe.

  • Don't leave belongings visible It’s best practice not to leave any belongings visible, even ones you may not consider valuable. GPS cords and cell-phone chargers, for example, signal to potential thieves that more valuable items might be in your car. Coats, sports equipment, or spare change may prompt someone to break into your car. If you must leave things in your car, place them in your trunk before leaving.

  • Be discerning about where you park A thief is far less likely to target a car parked in a well-lit area on a busy road, than a car parked in a dark, out-of-way back street. They won't want to risk being seen. If the parking spot you initially chose leaves your car concealed from view, try to look around for a better one.

  • Keep windows up, and doors locked It may seem obvious, but most car break-ins occur when drivers accidentally leave their windows down or doors unlocked. Make it a habit to mentally confirm that your car is all locked up before walking away.

  • Replace broken glass as soon as possible If you need window repair because of a previous break-in, don't put it off. A broken window presents an opportunity for thieves to quickly enter your car and perhaps cause further damage. By ensuring the safety and integrity of your car, you'll have an easier time deterring break-ins in the future.

Come to Hometown Auto Glass for expert auto glass repair in Winnipeg. For more information on our window repair services in Winnipeg, just contact us today.


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