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What to Do When You Have a Broken Car Window

broken car window


The average cost of a new car is over $40,000.

Everything from the sound system to the personal items you store in that vehicle adds to the value. So when someone breaks into your car, it can be devastating.

If you woke up to a broken car window, there are certain steps you need to take to ensure you're reimbursed for what was taken. While you might think of calling the police first, there are actually other things to take care of before you do so.

Keep reading to learn the steps in order of importance. 


1. Don’t Touch Anything and Document

The first thing you need to know is not to touch or move anything before properly documenting what’s happened. You’ll want plenty of evidence for your insurance company and the police.

The best forms of evidence are photographs and videos. Photograph the broken window and take photos of any other damage done.


2. Protect Your Identity and Accounts

You’ll need to ensure a thief can’t steal anything more valuable from you, like money or even your identity. 

This is why, after documenting the damage, you should cancel any cards that were stolen. If your bank card was stolen, you should also freeze your accounts. Perhaps most importantly, place a fraud alert if there were personal documents taken from you.


3. Contact the Police

Make sure you have all the right documents before making this call. That includes a copy of your registration, license, and insurance information that demonstrates proof of ownership.

Then, make the phone call to your local police department. Don't use 911 for this, because it's not an emergency.


4. Contact Automotive Insurance

Contact your insurance company next. Most comprehensive coverage policies cover vandalism but will typically only pay for damages after you've paid your policy's deductible.

For that reason, you should study your insurance contract and consider obtaining quotes. Figure out whether the cost of repairing the damage yourself is less than paying the deductible.


5. Get the Window Fixed

Of course, the final step is to fix the window. You'll have to find a certified auto glass shop that your insurance company approves.

If you decide to go through insurance, you’ll be limited in who can fix your window. You'll have to find a certified auto glass shop that is approved by your insurance company.

If you're paying to have the broken car window fixed on your own, you're free to choose who fixes your window. Look for the best windshield repair in Winnipeg to ensure you're getting a good job done.


Need a Broken Car Window Fixed ASAP?

If you woke up to a broken car window, you need to document the damage and cancel any cards before calling the police. Then, you need to decide whether or not you're going through your insurance company or paying for the repairs out of pocket.

If you choose the latter, contact us for a quote. We do emergency windshield repair in as well as rear and side window repair in Winnipeg.


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