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Why Replace Side and Rear Automotive Windows?

The earliest replacement is needed for broken car windows, as they are a primary level of protection against the elements and other hazards while driving. If not fixed immediately, you will be exposed to weather conditions and even theft due to the missing windowpanes. Even if the windows are slightly cracked, it is better to not neglect them as they may break suddenly. Hometown Auto Glass can help you with windshield replacement in Winnipeg.

Repair vs Replacement Your car’s window glass could break in an accident or when it is hit by pieces of road debris. Typically, a repair would be feasible when the glass is just cracked, or it has not chipped more than a dime. For more severe damages, replacement is a better solution. Some cars have tempered glass installed, designed to shatter without sharp edges; such damaged windows will always have to be replaced. You can consult your insurance agent to discuss whether the damage is covered in your policy or not. It is better to get an estimate and how it may affect your premium payments. Differences Between the Windshield and Rear Windows Repair While replacing the car’s windshield or rear windows, make sure to understand the differences between them. Each is designed to suit the various conditions they are exposed to. The few reasons which make the repairs for each different are:

  • There is a huge price difference between the front windshield and the rear window. Front windshields are made of laminated glass to make it shatterproof. In the event of an accident, they won’t fly into your face or eyes. The back windshield is made of tempered glass, which may shatter in accidents but not into sharp shards.

  • Clean-up is required after rear windshield replacement as these are designed to shatter when stressed. A special vacuum is required to remove all traces of glass from the interior spaces of the car before the new one is glued in place.

  • The rear windows are sometimes wired for internal defrost or built-in antennae. The heater is situated in the dash of the cabin, making the melting of ice on the rear window extremely difficult. A defrost grid is connected to and around the rear window. While replacing the rear windshield, the cost of adding or connecting the defrost grid will also be considered.

The costs for windshield repair in Winnipeg may also depend on several other factors like the make and model of the car, the presence of tinted glass, and whether they are crank-up or power windows. You can read our blog on some special features and interesting facts about auto glass. Contact us anytime for windshield replacement in Winnipeg. We offer lifetime warranties on various products for your convenience and peace of mind.


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