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Why Your Windshield Is Important

Take good care of your windshield For the amount of time spent looking through our windshields, it is very easy to pay no attention to it. Even if there's a small chip or crack, we may not mind if it's not directly in our line of vision. However, your windshield is vital to the overall safety of your vehicle. It contributes to the integrity of your vehicle’s roof in the event of a rollover and makes up part of the safety restraint system along with the seat belts. As well as helping to direct the airbags towards the passengers in the event of a crash.

That’s why it’s so important to have your windshield repaired the moment you notice a chip or a crack. Any damage or defect can jeopardize your safety, as it reduces your visibility while driving, and undermines the integrity of your windshield. Waiting and letting the cracks spread reduces the safety of your vehicle, and increases the likelihood of needing to have your windshield replaced. How windshields are made While it may seem like a plain sheet of glass, a windshield is made using a lamination process and multiple layers. A thin piece of vinyl is inserted between two sheets of laminated glass. The three pieces are then bonded together under pressure and heat to produce an extremely strong and safe windshield. This means that when a small object strikes the glass, only the outer layer will be affected. And should your windshield break, the pieces of glass will safely adhere to the inner rubber membrane instead of shattering. All of these elements have been strategically designed and optimized. Like a bike helmet, one minor impact to the windshield can dramatically reduce its future effectiveness; even if it still appears to be nearly perfect. Don’t let chips or cracks go unchecked It’s very important to repair any chips or cracks in your windshield as soon as possible. If left too long, they can quickly become a much bigger problem. A crack exposed to the elements for an extended period of time will become filled with debris, making it harder to restore the appearance of your windshield. Additionally, changes in temperature and the daily wear and tear of your commute can cause small chips and cracks to become significantly bigger. Chips and cracks that are directly in your line of vision are especially important to fix immediately. Not only due to safety concerns but also due to the fact that it is against the law in Winnipeg and across Manitoba to drive with a window in a condition that impairs the driver's vision. Windshield repair and replacement Generally, a professional can repair most windshield chips and cracks quite easily. However, should the damage be too extensive due to the shape, size, depth and location of the chip or crack, your windshield will need to be replaced. Here are a few instances where your windshield will most likely need to be replaced:

  • Damage to the edge of the windshield

  • A chip bigger than the size of a loonie

  • Damage that affects the driver’s line of vision

For all your glass needs Does your windshield need repair or replacement? Then trust Hometown Auto Glass. We’ve been proudly serving the Winnipeg area with exceptional window repair and replacement services for over 60 years now. We’ll have your windshield looking as good as new in no time! Call us today for a free estimate or to book an appointment.


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